Maxine Waters Tells Homeless To ‘Go Home’: Nobody Works ‘Any F**king Harder Than I Do’ [VIDEO]

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Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters reportedly tried to discourage a local journalist from reporting on a story about her remarks at a chaotic event when hundreds of homeless people in Los Angeles showed up to score Section 8 housing vouchers after responding to misleading information on social media.

Last week, after a nonprofit homeless advocacy group had planned the event to assist the homeless in obtaining emergency shelter, an “unofficial social media post” inaccurately said that whoever showed up would receive vouchers for permanent, subsidized housing. With the vouchers being very rare, the announcement generated a large turnout of people who became unruly after showing up.

The South Los Angeles office of Fathers and Mothers Who Care was overwhelmed by the miserable throng who, believing that they had a chance to get off the streets, had lined up since before daybreak only to have their hopes doused which resulted in confusion and anger for hundreds of Waters’ constituents.

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, “heated arguments broke out among the hundreds of people who turned out for assistance” which “overwhelmed Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority workers” who were there at the behest of Waters who “delivered emotionally charged remarks to the crowd Friday, at one point using an expletive to defend her efforts to relieve the city’s housing and homelessness crisis.”

The “expletive” referred to the F-bomb dropped by the congresswoman who angrily reacted to the disappointed crowd after her stunningly out-of-touch remark for them to “go home” which prompted one homeless person to say “we don’t got no home” at the rattled octogenarian lawmaker who became defensive.

“Waters, who wore a powder blue pantsuit and had a black face mask pulled down below her chin, laughed and said, ‘Nothing is going to happen here today.’ Her remarks were captured in video of the event obtained by The Times,” the paper reported. “Less than half a minute later, the congresswoman responded to a question from the founder of Kingdom Warriors Foundation, a local housing advocacy nonprofit. Jabbing her finger into the air, Waters said, ‘Excuse me, there’s nobody in Washington who works for their people any f— harder than I do. I don’t want to hear this. No, no, no.’”

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