Mayor Adams’ plan to tackle crime is complicated — but it might actually work

New York Post

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Mayor Adams’ long-promised plan to make New York safe landed on the table with a big fat plop Monday. It’s dauntingly complicated, it’s over-stuffed with concessions to grasping social activists and it’s impossibly dependent on actors far beyond the mayor’s control.

But it just might make a difference.

Urban America’s public-safety debate — absolutely unhinged two years ago — seems to be coming full circle.

Back then, the radical battle-cry was: “Get cops off the street!!”

Lately it has become “get guns off the street” — and this is the theme of the Adams plan. But confiscation is never going to happen, at least not soon, and certainly not in sufficient numbers.

So now we are hearing the first faint hints of a return to common-sense law-enforcement — an acknowledgment that it’s now time to get actual criminals off the street. Or, to quote Adams speaking from City Hall yesterday, “We’re going to [target] the trigger-pullers.”

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