Mayra Flores ROASTS Jill Biden With Spicy ‘Taco Inflation’ Meme

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U.S. Rep. Mayra Flores served up a spicy reminder to first lady Jill Biden that the crushing inflation that has taken root during her husband’s disastrous presidency is inflicting pain on family budgets and greatly affected the ability to put food on the table by tweeting out a piping hot ‘Taco Inflation’ meme.

The Texas Republican, whose victory in a deep blue district in a special election last month was seen by many as a bellwether for the rapidly approaching midterm elections, broke it down to show the additional amount that it costs to put together a taco with inflation at the highest level in four decades, according to the latest government data which showed a stunning 9.1 percent inflation in June, a major drag on Democrat hopes to extend their one-party rule.

Flores’ meme also included the words “Tacos are unique, ingredients may vary,” a jab at Dr. Jill who was hammered by critics after she likened Hispanics to breakfast tacos during a speech in San Antonio, intending to pander to the key demographic but managing to insult tens of millions of people instead.

According to the congresswoman’s tweet, cheese is up 8.7 percent, lettuce 11.4 percent, tortillas 12.8 percent, and meat up an eye-popping 17.4 percent.

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