Meghan McCain BLASTS Biden For ‘Absolutely Shameful’ Handling Of Afghanistan: ‘Welcome To ISIS 3.0’

Daily Caller

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Meghan McCain unloaded on President Joe Biden in a series of tweets Friday, calling the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan “absolutely shameful.”

McCain began by noting that there were a lot of people who believed pulling out of Afghanistan — after 20 years — was the right move, and she argued that the problem was not the fact it was being done so much as the way it was being done.

“Even if you thought leaving Afghanistan was the right decision — this is a reckless, dangerous, blundering, and embarrassing withdrawal,” she said, noting that in addition to leaving allies behind in Afghanistan, Biden had then left the White House even as the Taliban closed in on Kabul.

“We left our translators, women, children, people who helped us for 20 years to be slaughtered & our president just called a lid until Wednesday.”

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