Megyn Kelly: A ‘first-year law student’ could have driven a truck through holes in Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony [VIDEO]


Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about what happened on 1/6 of 2021, including claims that President Trump attacked and strangled a Secret Service agent while trying to grab the steering wheel of an SUV was based on hearsay. Politico is now reporting that the 1/6 Commission never even reached out to them for comment on the situation, most likely because they knew the agents involved would rebuke Hutchinson’s testimony.

Megyn Kelly — journalist, commentator and attorney — has spent over ten minutes pointing out the flaws in testimony the Democrats and much of the media continue to push as 100 percent factual.

Axios might think that the January 6th Commission should serve as a new template for congressional hearings in the future, but Megyn Kelly explains why that would be a horrible thing for anybody not interested in a future full of congressional show trials:

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