Michael Flynn Warns of 17 ‘Major Issues Bombarding America’s Psyche’ & Causing ‘Confusion and Chaos’

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Retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn listed seventeen “major issues” that he feels are “bombarding America’s psyche” and causing “confusion and chaos.”

The former NSA and DIA Director also urged Republican leaders to “stand up for American values and principles, and our God-given constitutional rights.”

General Flynn posted the following statement on Telegram:

Stay focused on what is important — The Future of our Country is at stake. Doing nothing against the tyranny we are facing risks the very future of our children and our grandchildren. Doing nothing is no longer acceptable.

The following list is not inclusive nor is it in order, but these are the major issues bombarding America’s psyche and that is exactly what the Left wants—sheer confusion and chaos. Don’t lose sight of the goal 🙏🏼🇺🇸

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