Michelle Obama: Democrats’ 2024 ‘break glass in case of emergency’ candidate

The Hill

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Let’s face it: The 2024 presidential campaign is in full swing. Across all media platforms, pundits gorge themselves at the all-you-can-write buffet of speculation — satisfying voracious appetites for clicks and cable catnip.

Topping the speculation spectrum is Trump vs. DeSantis — a Drudge Report favorite topic that could be brutal. A close second is Vice President Kamala Harris’s lackluster performance. If President Biden declines to seek a second term, she sucks up copious amounts of bandwidth as a weak frontrunner. Currently, there’s much chatter about the unlikely chance that Biden nominates Harris to the Supreme Court, solving two presidential “problems” — which Black woman to select for the Court and whether to remove Harris from the 2024 ticket.

Third, and reflected in polling, is an early assumption that Biden is a failed one-termer channeling Jimmy Carter. That has raised the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s presidential comeback. Joe Concha’s Hill headline – “Hillary 2024? Given the competition, she may be the Dems’ best hope” – crystalized the party’s leadership problem. However, as the Democrats’ “best hope,” Hillary pales in comparison to another former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Before considering all the reasons, here is a pertinent trivia question: Who topped 2021’s list of the world’s most admired women? According to a global survey conducted by YouGov, Michelle Obama was the leader. Kamala Harris ranked 11th, with Hillary Clinton 12th.

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