MSNBC Doctor Touts ‘Negative Incentives’, Argues Unvaxxed Should Be Moved To Back Of Treatment Line

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MSNBC medical analyst Dr. Vin Gupta hypocritically cited his own warped version of bioethics while telling MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Wednesday that unvaccinated COVID patients should be moved lower on the treatment list than those who have been fully inoculated against the virus.

Gupta, who is a pulmonologist, gave his stilted opinion during a segment discussing the left’s hyped explosion of COVID cases due to the Omicron variant. Reid feigned exasperation to the good doctor and opened the door for him to declare that COVID cases should be treated like those waiting for an organ transplant when it comes to the unvaccinated.

“I’m sort of reaching my kind of peak fatigue, mental fatigue level, and I’m not even dealing with what the doctor and what you guys are dealing with in real life,” whined Reid. “But it’s like, I know just off the top of my head, at least a half dozen people who have gotten COVID, who are vaccinated, but who got it in settings where they were around mixed groups or were with people who were not necessarily vaccinated.”

The MSNBC scaremonger quoted models projecting 140 million new COVID cases over the next two months. Omicron is widely thought to be potentially as mild as a cold and will become the dominant variant in the pandemic. She then turned to Gupta asking his sage leftist advice on the development.

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