Multiple Polls Show Trump with an Edge Against Biden for 2024


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It’s been covered for months, and it’s a trend that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. Former President Donald Trump, should he run again in 2024, continues to have an edge against President Joe Biden. While Trump has not yet announced any formal plans, he has increasingly been teasing that a run is likely. Other people also think he will run in 2024.

A poll released on Thursday by Redfield & Wilton Strategies shows Trump with a plurality of support over Biden. Forty two percent of voters would vote for Trump in 2024, while just 38 percent would vote for Biden. Both candidates are down in support, with Trump down 2 percent and Biden 1 percent. The amount of undecided voters is up from 9 to 16 percent.

According to a write-up from the poll, with original emphasis:

Our latest hypothetical voting intention finds Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden, with 42% saying they would vote for Trump (down 2%) and 38% saying they would vote for Biden (down 1%), after weighting by likelihood to vote. Together with our polling from three weeks ago, this poll marks the second lead for Donald Trump over Joe Biden that we have seen in our national polling, including polls conducted in advance of the 2020 Election. A further 16% say they don’t know how they would vote (up 9%).

Large majorities of 2020 Donald Trump voters (86%, down 3%) and Joe Biden voters (79%, up 3%) maintain that they would again vote for those respective candidates.

While this “[l]arge majorities of… voters” would vote for their candidate from 2020 again, it’s worth noting that, even with the drop, Trump still has a 7 point edge against Biden.

The poll surveyed 1,500 eligible voters in the United States and was conducted on December 5.

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