Nancy Pelosi Asserts Her Power, Defies CDC, Disparages American’s Integrity and Forces Mask Wearing In House Chamber

The Rubin Report

Listen as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonstrates how much respect she has for the decision making ability and will of the American people.

“We all hopeful and i joined the president being hopeful that we can reach a place where it is safe for people.

What is this, the honor system? The honor system? As to whether somebody has been vaccinated?

Do you want them breathing in your face on the strength of their honor?

So let’s just see let’s just see i mean, again, we have, this is about science and governance. And science and governance we have a responsibility to make sure of that the House of the Representatives’ chamber is not a petri dish for the, because of the selfishness of some not to be vaccinated or to insist not to wear a mask.”

Speaker Pelosi voiced issue with having any trust or faith in the ‘honor system.’ Our free, civil society is rooted in trust and faith in the honor system.

Speaker Pelosi has a better alternative for Americans: Just shut up and do exactly as she tells you.

Speaker Pelosi comments about the American honor system:

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