Nancy Pelosi’s Brain Malfunctions During Speech in Taiwan… Refers to Benjamin Franklin As One of Our Presidents [VIDEO]

100% Fed Up

Nancy Pelosi has been taking over headlines with her controversial trip to Taiwan. As if this trip hasn’t raised enough eyebrows and caused enough conflict, she gave a speech on Wednesday that has somehow made the U.S. government look even weaker.

Nancy Pelosi was speaking in Taiwan when, suddenly, she had one of her famous malfunctions and began speaking nonsense. At one point, she appears to be talking about Benjamin Franklin’s presidency… a presidency that never happened.

“In our earliest days, of our founding of our country, Benjamin Franklin [inaudible] presidency said, ‘freedom and democracy – freedom and democracy are one thing. Security here. We can’t have either if we don’t have both. So… security, economic – security, economy, and, again… they’re all related and we want Taiwan to always have freedom with security and we’re not backing away from that.”

Well said, Pelosi. Well said.


She was close to the actual Benjamin Franklin quote… well, close enough.

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