Nets Ban Kyrie Irving From Team Until He’s Vaccinated

New York Post

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Brooklyn has told Kyrie Irving he can’t be a part-time Net.

With Irving refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine, he left the Nets no choice Tuesday but to tell him he can’t rejoin the team — either for games or practices, home or road — until he does. In essence, get vaxxed or get gone.

“Ultimately, yes. He has a choice to make, and he made his choice,” said Nets general manager Sean Marks, who made the decision with team owner Joe Tsai. “My job here is to make what we deem as the best choices for the organization moving ahead as a whole. They’re not always ones that are going to be met with open arms and thumbs up. These are hard decisions.”

With Marks confirming the obvious, that Irving has dug in and refused to get vaccinated — “if he was vaccinated, we wouldn’t be having this discussion,” the GM said — he made it clear that the team wants him back but exhausted every possible option.

Irving, whose publicist did not return emails or phone calls, has proved intractable in this standoff. The Nets acknowledged Irving’s refusal to get vaccinated is his call, now they’ve made theirs.

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