New Hunter Biden Laptop Bombshell: Brother Beau’s Widow Accused Him of Being A “PEDOPHILE”…Threw His One of His Guns In Trash Outside Grocery Store…Hunter Reveals Joe Biden, Has Lots of Guns, “There are 5 guns in dad’s house”

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As it turns out, Hunter Biden, the son of the gun-control “president,” really loves guns, and according to the uncovered messages, so does his dad.

Hunter is also not a very nice person.

The phony persona that Joe and his enabling wife Jill have put forth for the media about their perfect family is completely unraveling, as almost daily, new revelations are being released from the laptop their crack-addicted son neglected to retrieve from a Delaware computer repair shop.

Another round of messages found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, this time by the Washington Examiner, reveal intense discussions between Hunter and Hallie Biden, his deceased brother Beau’s wife. The messages reveal concerns Hallie shared with the FBI about Hunter being a “pedophile” and having “homicidal tendencies.”

Hallie and Hunter Biden during their affair after Hunter’s brother Beau died.

A message thread between Hallie and Hunter on October 23, 2018, reveals a discussion Hallie had with the FBI where she expressed concern over Hunter’s multiple guns. “You now have me as an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies,” Hunter wrote, adding, “I hate what you’ve done to me. I won’t ever recover from all of this.”

Of course, the FBI never made any arrests related to Joe Biden’s son. Hunter continued to berate Hallie for speaking to the FBI about his guns, “You know what’s going to happen to me if someone uses that Hallie.” In the same exchange, Hunter appears to try to justify his behavior after Hallie has allegedly painted a picture of a dangerous man with a gun. Hunter points out that his father, who’s pushing hard for gun control in America, has 5 guns in his house. “There are 5 guns in dads house,” Hunter said.

In this thread, his brother’s widow explains why she was “scared” for Hunter’s life. Hunter explained that his deceased brother Beau owned a handgun that he kept in the glove box of his vehicle. So, in other words, according to Hunter’s message, Joe and both of his sons were gun owners.

In another message thread between the lovers on the same day, Hunter asked, “Do you want me dead.” Hunter also calls her out for invoking the safety of the crack-addicted son of Joe Biden’s children.

In another exchange, Hunter tries to make Hallie feel bad for not including him in her life or introducing him to her friends, telling her that his life is “meaningless.” Hallie responds by telling him, “I love you so much”

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