New York Times reporter deletes tweets suggesting that Trump supporters ‘enemies of the state’

The Blaze

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New York Times Justice Department reporter Katie Benner announced that she deleted some tweets on Tuesday.

Without further clarification, Benner wrote on Tuesday evening that she had “deleted unclearly worded tweets regarding the Jan 6. committee hearing.”

According to a screenshot included in a Fox News article, the series of now-deleted posts began by stating: “Today’s #January6thSelectCommittee underscores the America’s current, essential natsec dilemma: Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician’s supporters enemies of the state.”

Benner continued: “As Americans, we believe that state power should not be used to work against a political figure or a political party. But what happens if a politician seems to threaten the state? If the politician continues to do so out of office and his entire party supports that threat?”

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