Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Airs Photos of Trump with Rosa Parks and Michael Jackson in Effort to Prove He’s Not Racist, Casually Adds That Allegations Against King of Pop ‘Are Fake’


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Greg Kelly gave an interesting defense of Donald Trump from longtime accusations from some liberals that the former president is a racist.

“You may have heard him say, ‘I am the least racist person you’ll ever meet,’” the Newsmax host said of Trump. “And it’s true.”

Kelly said a lot of Republican candidates don’t “have much in the way of diversity in their background in terms of friends and associates until it’s time for the campaign.”

He said that’s not the case with Trump.

“For years, many years, he’s had people, friends from all over the place,” he added.

As Kelly spoke, various photos of Trump with people of color over the years appeared on screen. He continued,

Here he is with Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks receiving a civil rights award. Now, isn’t that amazing? Right? A guy who was with Rosa Parks, they’re gonna say is a racist.

Who else has he been with over the years before, way before he was interested in politics? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton – supporting their causes and they supported him.

Next. Michael Jackson, who, by the way, he still speaks fondly of. And the allegations against Michael Jackson – I believe – are fake.

And well, is that Snoop Dogg?! Yes, it is Snoop Dogg. And of course, Oprah Winfrey. But everywhere Donald Trump went. “Do you condemn White supremacy? Do you condemn White nationalism?” The question is insulting. It really is, as if we wouldn’t, as if we don’t. I don’t like the question.

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