Not Satire: Liz Cheney Doesn’t Rule Out Presidential Run In 2024

The Blue State Conservative

There are a lot of epitaphs for Liz Cheney. Daughter of a corrupt businessman and neocon war criminal, traitor to the American people, TDS-infected RINO, and Vice Chair of perhaps the most partisan, Muscovite trial in American history.

Thankfully, we can add soon-to-be-ousted representative from the state of Wyoming to her ignominious and disgraceful resume.

However, what we never thought we’d get a chance to see, and it will be glorious in all of its abject misery, is the title of failed presidential candidate.

You heard that correctly, Liz Cheney has yet to rule out a 2024 presidential run. She can’t be that naive and sheltered to think she has a girl’s hairdo’s chance in hell it won’t get sniffed by Biden by going up against Donald Trump on the Republican ticket. She must see that Establishment RINOs are being kicked out left and right; for goodness sake, she won’t even survive a primary battle in her home state.

Does that leave a DNC path? Does she forge ahead and try to rebrand a third party that mimics the worst traits of the D.C. Republicans? Honestly, who is advising her? I get that these fools all have massive egos, and she has been thoroughly embarrassed by her pathetic efforts to remove MAGA from the speed bump losers pretending to stand up for conservative values, but this takes narcissism to a whole new level.

She would make Kamala Harris look impressive on the presidential campaign trail.

“I have not made a decision about 2024, and I am really very focused on the substance of what we have to do on the select committee, very focused on the work that I have to do to represent the people of Wyoming.”

Let that sink in one more time. She hasn’t ruled out 2024, she thinks there’s substance in keeping American citizens detained for years based on a hoax, and she thinks she representing the people of Wyoming.

She couldn’t be more wrong about everything if she tried. Please, Liz, run in 2024. Can you imagine her on the debate stage with Trump? Can you imagine her on the debate stage with Democrats even? She’d stand up there and repeat all of their talking points, making it clear to everyone that Washington Republicans are as corrupt and evil as their alleged counterparts.

And it’s not as if this is new news. Stories like this have been circulating for months now. Back in March even, Twitchy wrote that “‘[t]hose close to’ Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger expect at least one of them to launch a presidential bid.”

“Cheney might be out of a job after the midterms, and we suspect Rep. Adam Kinzinger, her Republican colleague on the January 6 select committee, is headed for CNN or MSNBC, seeing as the district he represents won’t exist anymore.

NBC4 Washington is reporting that those close to Cheney and Kinzinger, as well as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, are saying that at least one, if not all of them, is going to launch a presidential run after the 2022 midterms.”

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