‘Not well’ Jon Stewart blows his stack, gets in the faces of conservative reporters in unhinged meltdown [VIDEO]

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Liberal comic Jon Stewart just may have some serious anger management issues, having spent the last several days in an explosive rage after Senate Republicans sniffed out a Democrat scam to use legislation that was ostensibly supposed to be about expanding health benefits for veterans as a cloak for hundreds of billions of dollars in leftist pet projects and pork.

Stewart, a longtime shill for the Democratic Party who has spent years advocating for the nation’s vets, was deployed as a celebrity attack dog after GOP senators blocked passage of the PACT Act last week, a bill that aids those who during their service for their country suffered health problems from exposure to burn pits and other toxic substances and which initially had their approval before it was hijacked by duplicitous Dems as a vehicle for $400 billion in unrelated spending.

The 59-year-old Stewart, who has struggled to recapture the stardom that he previously enjoyed as the host of “The Daily Show,” has spent days yapping at Republican lawmakers, including Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey whom he called a “f**king coward.” And on Monday, he flew off the handle at conservative reporter Jack Posobiec whom he accused of being “a f**king troll” in a heated exchange that was captured on video.

National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem J. Kassam, who was also present during Stewart’s volcanic, profanity-laced tirade detailed the ugly encounter on Twitter.

“So uh, @JackPosobiec and I went to speak with Jon Stewart outside the Capitol. Jack asked some pretty ordinary questions, and Jon began screaming in our faces for about 10 minutes. At one point he was nose to nose with me. I kept trying to calm him down,” he wrote.

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