Now That’s The Ticket! Democrats’ Plans For 2024 Are Coming Into Focus And Looking Dicey

The Blue State Conservative

Last week, in my new podcast – “Now For Something Completely Different” – I predicted a surprise move by the DNC. Based on the paucity of credible candidates and maniacal need to maintain their tyrannical power of Government, Democrats would put Michele Obama at the head of the 2024 Presidential ticket. As noted in the prediction: she checks all the boxes. Some new books and even FOX’s ‘The Five’ were all over the speculation. All this had me feelin’ good about my newfound prescience!

Since then, I’ve had a Paul-Damascus epiphany courtesy of published “hints” the ignominious old battle-ax, Hillary R. Clinton, is tuning up for a # 3 mulligan! (stop laughing). This makes for something completely different!

Let’s connect the dots together…

Initially, I was chided for my Michele bombshell: Too lazy, too rich, hated hated  DC, no experience, that ‘surrendered’ law license thing, a hint of Kakella’s ‘Word Salad’ Disease, those Joan Rivers ‘tranny’ comments and all that snarky carping about weight, clothes, hair, wedding pictures; been-there-done-that. OK. But Power and Fame are more addictive than smuggled fentanyl without the nasty side effects. And Michele’s life story has enough anger and resentment to light her up big time if the offer is compelling. My Prediction was still holding – albeit on slightly shakier ground – until the Hillary Hints hit!

Enter Epiphany: Clinton – Obama ’24!

Perfection! Hillary throwing her helmet cum gaping maw into the fracas relieves Michele of her experience-challenged credentials. How hard can it be to be V-P? One look at the work product of Cackling Kamela reveals all you need to know.

Michael’s (alleged) apathy is a good smokescreen — but if one dials back the cynicism, it reinforces the plausible pairing. Michael’s -0- experience just enhances her VP creds! Add in her penchant for going vituperous along with her melanin content frees her to lob all the invectives, innuendos and insults she wants while her blackishness renders her bulletproof to any caliber of criticism.

Hillary, of course, would just go on being her own sweet self. Her decades of experience from Little Rock and Whitewater to DC and Ft. Marcy Park, drooling for revenge and power puts her at the top of the ticket. Michele would be cool with that; a younger #2 has its advantages when #1 is bordering on criminally insane. Ovious from her last campaign’s several Biden-esque stumbles and despite her Botox franchise, the bloom has withered quite a ways off the HRC bouquet. Yet the Hildabeast is still formidable, supercharged with a full tank of high octane pent-up anger and compressed resentment for having missed her ‘at bats’. Twice! By inferiors! And by the way: money is no object.

Just as with Sniffin’ Joe, the Media will give this new Dynamic Duo all the cover needed, so convulsed in multiple orgasms with this pair breaking every ceiling left! Voting machines would be in total melt down. No Vote Harvesting required! The lines to vote would be measured in miles and days! And, on the same marquee at no extra value: Barack and Bill! Bill and Barack! Together again for the first time, sharing the back seats but towing the administrative load along with the Valerie Garrett Battalion of Former Hacks with the experience and memories of political skullduggery waiting to be released on a starry-eyed public of slow learners. Everything needed to bury every other political entity forever; after all, there’s Chelsea and the Obama Girz waiting in the (West) Wings.

Who better to carry on the Great Reset and pound the final nails into the coffin of the Grand American Experiment?

Prove me wrong.

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