Nurse Blows Whistle: Vaxx Injuries EXPLODING, Serious Heart Issues

Red Voice Media

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They’ve been forcing vaccines on millions of people all year. They told us it would stop the spread and let life go back to normal. They said it would make the people who got the vaccine immune. Didn’t happen. We still have cases, including “breakthrough” cases with the vaccinated. We have people getting sick or dropping dead from the vaccine. The pandemic hasn’t gone away even in places with one hundred percent vaccination.

The left doesn’t know what to do except double down on tyranny. So they’re trying to force shots into kindergartners, toddlers, even infants. And of course, we have the big push for booster shots for people who already got the shot. We’ve already seen how the second Pfizer and Moderna shots had much more severe side effects than the first doses. So it’s no surprise that the third shot may have even more severe side effects for people. And we already have whistleblowers saying that’s exactly what’s going on.

Rhonda is a nurse. She says she knows she could lose her job for coming on the program, but she knows that speaking out is more important. She’s seen vaccinated patients in her hospital with blood clots, heart issues, chest pain, and stroke level blood pressures. She says her state board of health is working to cover up the truth. Rhonda joined the show to discuss.

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