Ohio Mayor Resigns After Suggesting That Ice Fishing Could Lead to an Increase in Prostitution

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When things do not make sense, sometimes it is simply because they do not make sense.

Such appears to be the case with a now-retired mayor in Ohio, who inexplicably linked ice fishing with prostitution at a recent City Council meeting.

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in Ohio. Anglers avail themselves of a network of man-made and natural lakes, which, according to Planetware, offer up “winter walleye, perch, pike, saugeye catfish, bluegill and other species.”

At a February 8 Hudson City Council meeting, council members discussed a request by members of the community to be allowed to ice fish on nearby Hudson Springs Lake.

According to Cleveland.com, some members were concerned about the city’s liability in the event of an accident.

The publication noted:

“some officials worried aloud whether someone could fell [sic] through the ice and the city could be held liable, and whether paramedics, firefighters and police would face an additional burden.”

During the meeting, Hudson Mayor Craig Shubert appeared to agree with these concerns.

In the video below, he can be heard to say:

“It is the Fire and EMS folks, and perhaps the police department, that all have to engage on a moment’s notice, should there be an incident.”

Next, however, Shubert segues into a head-scratcher of a statement, saying:

“Additionally, if you open this up to ice fishing, while on the surface it sounds good, then what happens next year? 

“Does someone come back and say, ‘I want an ice shanty on Hudson Springs Park for x amount of time.’?

“And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem.


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