Oops! Dana Perino inadvertently reveals that co-host is pregnant on ‘The Five’

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Fox News’ Dana Perino committed a bit of a faux pas on the network’s “The Five” Wednesday when she accidentally revealed to the audience that co-host Jessica Tarlov is pregnant. At the time, Perino was leading a discussion on the topic of what new things each co-host might have tried during the last year and a half of life with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had a baby during the pandemic. I got a new haircut. I wrote a book, ‘How I Saved the World,’ still where books are sold,” said co-host Jesse Watters.

Then Perino turned to Tarlov:

“Jessica, you try anything new?” Perino asked. “I mean, you got something new coming.”

Tarlov awkwardly answered, “Yeah, and now the audience knows,” prompting a guffaw from co-host Greg Gutfeld.

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