Our ‘Politicians’ are hollow husks…

Liberty Bugle

Vivek Ramaswamy


It’s a machine that we’re up against. If we think it is individual, person-to-person combat, like: ‘We found the bad guys of the globalist cabal, we got ’em smoking cigars in the back room,’ that is the wrong mental model. That’s how it worked in the old world.”

“What we have today going on in the U.S. is a modern 1775 moment,” Vivek Ramaswamy explained, adding “In the old world, there were a group of people who got together in the back of palace halls and determined what was right for the rest of society. The old world vision, and it is rearing its head again in this country today.”

Ramaswamy emphasized that the attitude of that vision is that “We The People can not be trusted to sort out our differences through free speech and open debate in a constitutional republic, on how we fight climate change or racial injustice. It has to be decided in the back of palace halls by an enlightened elite.”

“We fought a revolution to say hell no to that vision, that yes, We The People in this constitutional republic decide how we self-govern, thank you very much,” he continued.

“Now that old monster is rearing its head again, except now they say it is in the back of palace halls like a three-letter government building in Washington D.C. But you show up there and it isn’t quite right, there’s no smoking cigars,” Ramaswamy added.

“So you say, maybe it is the corner office of BlackRock in their C-suite on Park Avenue. It is woven into a machine of a horizontal managerial class composed of people in three-letter agencies in government, the people who professionally sit on corporate boards, the associate deans of god knows what universities, the ambassadors to some second-tier nation in Europe who was a donor to some political party, it is the same managerial class that makes it very hard to identify because it pervades multiple institutions both within and without of government. That’s what we’re up against,” Ramaswamy asserted.

“The real divide in the country is not between Republicans and Democrats… It is between the managerial class and the citizens,” he further urged.

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