Outrageous! Watch How Biden Administration Treats Journalists Compared To Illegals At Border [Video]

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It would be understandable if Americans had forgotten about the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border. President Biden, congressional Democrats, and their media are all much more focused on Ukraine’s border and reviving their COVID hysteria than they are about our own national security.

But rest assured, the situation at our border with Mexico is still a major problem and one that is going to get worse in the coming days.

With the Biden Administration’s decision to shut down Title 42 – the Trump Era immigration provision enforcing the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy – our federal border security officials have been preparing for another massive surge of migrants trying to illegally force their way into our country at the southern border.

The situation is so bad, the Administration is looking for volunteers to join in and help.

One might think that such a predicament would impede officials’ ability to harass and detain journalists intent on reporting on the story. But such an assumption would be incorrect. Watch this video:

As Ben Bergquam and his associates make clear during their report, they fully support law enforcement, and so should all of us. Being a cop, corrections officer, or border agent in this country right now is worse than a thankless task. Anyone performing these jobs is left open to constant ridicule and second-guessing, with little upside and only modest pay.

Our concern, as Americans, should be with the bureaucrats and elected officials directing such activities and practices.

In the video, we see scores of illegal immigrants being staged along the wall trying to take advantage of some shade. None of them are being processed or watched by the Customs and Border Patrol agents. Meanwhile, Bergquam and his crew can be seen being held in a police-type vehicle with officers’ guns drawn, and with one member (ironically named Brandon) actually being placed in handcuffs.

While we don’t know the exact circumstances causing the agents to take such a harsh stance in dealing with Bergquam’s team, we can safely assume that CBP leadership has established some strict guidelines for agents to enforce in the event of journalists trying to cover the crisis.

Are journalists more of a threat to our security than unvetted illegal immigrants? If the situation is so dire, which is one thing on which we can certainly agree with the Biden Administration, shouldn’t the focus be on processing and addressing the true problem at hand: the illegal immigrants themselves?

These are our tax dollars at work, and this is how our federal government sets its priorities when Democrats are in power.

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