PA Man Arrested After Putting Biden “I Did That” Decals on Gas Pumps to Protest Ridiculous Fuel Costs

100% Fed Up

The Fed Up man was confronted by a clerk after being caught allegedly slapping Biden decals on gas pumps and was arrested and charged with a series of offenses

A Pennsylvania man, fed up with constantly rising gas prices, was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief after slapping decals picturing Joe Biden pointing at gas prices with the blurb “I Did That” on gas pumps at a Turkey Hill gas station.

After an initial verbal confrontation with a gas station clerk, Thomas Richard Glazewski had the police called on him. Upon police arrival Glazewski had an immediate confrontation with them as well.

From the New York Post:

“F— you,” Glazewski is heard yelling while flailing his arms at police. He then ran toward the pump, screaming, “I did that! That’s what I did!” parroting the message seen on stickers placed on gas pumps around the country.

Glazewksi then ran across the gas station parking lot and was tackled and handcuffed by an officer. The belligerence continued as three cops tried to shove him into the back seat of an East Hempfield patrol car, even kicking at two of the officers.

Glazewski’s effort to protest rising gas prices with these decals is part of a nationwide trend, and is in response to ridiculously high rates at the pumps caused by Joe Biden’s incompetence. Under the Trump administration gas prices were low and stable, however under Biden they have continuously risen to the point that the national average is $4.12 a gallon, with $4.22 a gallon as the average in Pennsylvania.

While the situation might have been handled better by all parties, the series of charges pressed against a man simply expressing his outrage at extortionate Bidenflation are unjust. People across the country are fed up with losing their savings at gas pumps, and these hilarious stickers found everywhere are proof of it.

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