Pandemic is at a ‘turning point’ after Omicron cases nosedive in South Africa, says vaccinology prof.

The Blaze

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A professor of vaccinology said that the declining cases in South Africa were a “turning point” in the pandemic as the region came out of lockdown without significant interruption to people’s lives.

Professor Shabir Madhi told Debora Patta, the foreign correspondent for CBS News, that vaccines and high rates of previous infections had led to a precipitous drop in coronavirus cases.

“The Omicron wave now accounts for less than 5% of all of the deaths that have occurred due to COVID-19 [in South Africa] since the start of the pandemic,” Madhi explained.

He went on to say that even if other variants arise, South Africa is likely to avoid the devastating death and hospitalization rates of earlier waves of the pandemic.

“I’m highly optimistic that we have reached a turning point in this pandemic,” he said. “I can’t see us revisiting what we experienced during the course of the first three waves in South Africa.”

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