PANIC MODE: CNN In Meltdown Over Elon Musk [VIDEO]

The Right Scoop

Watch this clip from yesterday where CNN’s David Zurawik says this country is “headed to hell” because Elon Musk bought Twitter last week:

Before Musk made an offer to buy Twitter and it was accepted last Monday, NONE of these talking heads thought for one second about how ‘dangerous’ it is for billionaires to own the biggest social media companies and ‘control’ our discourse.

There have been plenty of openings for them to vocalize their concerns. Like when Twitter, owned by Jack Dorsey, banned the New York Post’s article about Joe and Hunter before the 2020 election. Or when Mark Zuckerberg bowed down to the mob and banned Trump from Facebook.

Talk about controlling the discourse. But never did these partisan leftists ever panic over any of this. But now that they’ve lost Twitter to Elon Musk, who has simply promoted free speech in the face of censorship, they want new regulations from Congress on social media companies to keep us from heading ‘to hell’ or something.

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