‘CLUELESS’ Obama SLAMMED Over ‘Fake Outrage’ Claims at Rally [VIDEO]

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Former President Barack Obama’s rhetoric during a weekend rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is being criticized.

Obama classified Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin and Americans’ focus on important education issues as “fake outrage.”

“We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage that right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings,” the tone-deaf former president rambled Saturday. “Instead of stoking anger aimed at school boards and administrators, who are just trying to keep our kids safe…. [W]e should be making it easier for teachers and schools to give our kids the world-class education they deserve, and to do so safely while they are in the classrooms.”

Later that day, Obama muttered the same uninformed clichés at a campaign event for Gov. Phil Murphy’s reelection bid in New Jersey.

As progressive educators push critical race theory and warped transgender ideology in schools, the media and Democrats increasingly label concerned citizens bigoted aggressors in the “culture war.”

Typical Obama — condescending, disdainful and dismissive of anyone or anything that threatens Democrats’ power.

Parents and the public weren’t having any of it.

“That is the most tone-deaf statement I have ever heard,” Brandon Michon, a frustrated father of three in Loudoun County, Virginia, told Fox News on Sunday. “First and foremost, everything that has come up with the cover-up in Loudoun County has to do with a sexual assault on girls. To say that this is trumped-up as a political thing is laughable.” [….]

“Any parent, regardless of our political views – Republican, Democrat, Independent – wants our kids to go to school and be safe,” Michon told Fox News. “People are upset because Loudoun County covered up that they knew about sexual assaults and the question is, what else do we not know about?”

“It doesn’t feel like it’s culture war or fake outrage,” he added.

“Obama is clearly clueless or intentionally misleading the crowd,” Laura Zorc, director of education reform at Building Education for Students Together (BEST), told Fox News in an interview on Sunday. [….]

“Parents are fed up with politics being forced down the throats of our kids,” Zorc added. “Parental rights is on the ballot in Virginia. This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue – it’s a parents issue.”

“Parents are craving leadership that will protect them from the wokism,” she added. “Youngkin is clearly the only candidate willing to fight for parents. Obama peddling this nonsense shows he is in denial that anything is wrong.”

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