Pelosi Reportedly Told Democrats ‘Don’t Embarrass’ Biden By Voting Down Infrastructure While He’s Gone

The Daily Caller

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly instructed House Democrats not to “embarrass” President Joe Biden by voting down his agenda while he was overseas.

CNN Congressional reporter Manu Raju said Thursday that Pelosi had promised to bring the infrastructure bill – which passed the Senate with votes from all Senate Democrats and several Senate Republicans – to the floor. She reportedly told those on the far left of her party, who have suggested they would not vote for the bipartisan bill unless it was tied to an agreement on the larger reconciliation package, to take President Joe Biden at his word that he would secure a deal.

“New — Pelosi told her members: “Don’t embarrass” the president by voting down the infrastructure bill as he flies overseas, I’m told,” Raju tweeted.

“Pelosi also said she would put the infrastructure bill on the floor today and hold the vote open to get the bill through. When Rep. Schakowsky asked about Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, she said take the president at his word he will get the larger bill through,” Raju added in a second tweet.

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