‘GFY dude’: Pete Buttigieg says the more pain at the pump, the more benefit to those with ‘access to’ electric cars [VIDEO]

The Blaze

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg testified that the “pain” from high gas prices has increased the benefit for electric car owners, and then tried to deny that he’d said it.

Buttigieg made the comments on Tuesday in his testimony before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He was being questioned by Republican Rep. Carlos Giménez of Florida about the efficiency of electric vehicles when he made the admission.

“You would agree that the higher the price of gas, the faster you reach that parity?” asked Giménez.

“Of course, the more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles. That’s why we’re hoping you and your colleagues might reconsider opposing the reduction of EV upfront prices and tax credits.”

“So you’re saying the more pain we have, the more benefit we’re gonna get? I think that’s what I heard you say,” Giménez asked.

“No! That’s what you heard me say?” Buttigieg laughed nervously. “I know you want me to say it so bad, but honestly sir, what we’re saying is that we could have no pain at all by making EVs cheaper for everybody, and we’d love to have your support on that.”

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