Peter Navarro: Jan. 6 panel is ‘Democrat-controlled mob’ with ‘weaponized’ congressional powers

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Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro slammed the Jan. 6 committee investigating the riot at the U.S. Capitol for acting as “judge, jury and executioner” and said he is standing up to their subpoena because they are trying to “coerce” him into doing things that he should not be forced to do.

“I am in the crosshairs of a Democrat-controlled mob that has weaponized the investigatory powers of Congress in a way which threatens, I think, a lot of what we hold dear in this republic,” Navarro told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Wednesday, the day after he filed a lawsuit against a grand jury subpoena related to Jan. 6.

He called the House select panel a “Kangaroo committee.” Former President Donald Trump would have cooperated with the original committee plan with an equal number of Republican and Democratic members approved by their respective caucuses, Navarro speculated. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two GOP selections for the panel and instead went on to form her own committee with seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans handpicked by the Democrats.

“It’s a committee issuing illegal and unenforceable subpoenas because it violates the rules both of the House to issue subpoenas and its own authorizing resolution,” Navarro told host John Solomon.

Because the committee does not have a ranking member, it cannot issue lawful subpoenas, he said.

Acting as his own attorney, Navarro challenged the grand jury subpoena by arguing that the Jan. 6 committee was “not duly authorized or properly constituted” and that it violates “separation of powers.”

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