Piers Morgan Gets Educated On How The Supreme Court Works Following Today’s Gun Ruling


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Piers Morgan, as you might expect, is not a fan of today’s Supreme Court ruling striking down a law in New York “that required people to show ‘proper cause’ to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home.”

“America’s response to its recent mass shootings is to make it even easier for Americans to use guns,” he tweeted. “The 2nd Amendment is now being interpreted as a right to bear arms as part of an unregulated civilian militia”:

Sigh. That’s not what happened, Piers. Here’s Ben Shapiro explaining it to him:

“That’s not a response to mass shootings, it’s called reading the Constitution. We don’t interpret the Constitution ‘in response’ to current events, or if we do, we’re doing it totally wrong.”

Um, the answer to all these questions is “yes”?

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