Police officers arrest ATF agent who was trying to retrieve a shotgun from someone not permitted to have one [VIDEO]


This video gives us all sorts of feels. First, for as big a criminal organization as Black Lives Matter is, this ATF agent was certainly taking advantage of his white privilege. Second, it makes us wonder how gun confiscation is going to work when the government makes AR-15s illegal to possess. Who’s going to go door-to-door to retrieve those weapons?

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the ATF agent is suing the police officers for using excessive force:

Agent James Burk, a 16-year veteran of the ATF, said in the lawsuit he was working a “routine” assignment on July 7. That afternoon, he went to a home on the 3300 block of Edgebrook Drive near Dublin to retrieve a shotgun from someone who was not permitted to have a firearm.

The lawsuit said Burk was in his normal work attire, which was described as “casual professional” with his credentials in a pocket and an ID card around his neck.

When Burk knocked on the door of the home, a person inside called 911 and read the dispatcher Burk’s badge number while refusing to open the door.

According to the lawsuit, this happens routinely and Burk had never had any issue with dispatchers or officers verifying his status as an ATF agent on assignment.

However, in this instance, Burk said the dispatcher told the 911 caller not to answer the door and dispatched Columbus police officers Joseph Fihe, a 20-year member of the division, and Kevin Winchell, who is also a 20-year veteran officer.

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