Policy of Endless Wars Continues: Biden Ramps Up US Military Deployments Across Europe

Fox News

President Joe Biden is ramping up U.S. military deployments across Europe in the coming months, the White House announced Wednesday.

According to a White House fact sheet, Biden has ordered additional bases, soldiers or assets to be set up in Poland, Romania, the U.K. and the Baltics. Poland will receive a permanent headquarters for the U.S. 5th Army Corps; two additional F-35 squadrons are being sent to the U.K.; and Romania and the Baltics will see increased rotational deployments.

The U.S. is also placing an air defense artillery brigade and short-range air defense battalion in Germany. Italy will also receive a short-range air defense battery. The two deployments will total 625 and 65 personnel, respectively.

The U.S. also says it is working with Spain to increase the number of destroyer warships stationed at its Rota port from four to six.

“All of these combat-credible forces and enablers are supported by significant investments in the long-term U.S. presence in Europe,” the White House wrote, adding that the U.S. continues to spend $3.8 billion annually on the “European Deterrence Initiative.”

The increased deployments come in response to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. While the U.S. has said that it will not deploy troops to directly defend Ukraine, U.S. troops would get involved if Russia attacks a NATO country.

NATO has also expanded its membership in response to the invasion, with both Finland and Sweden applying to join the alliance. While Turkey initially opposed their entry, it gave the green light to the addition on Tuesday.

The U.S. and NATO have not directly intervened in defense of Ukraine, but they have offered billions of dollars worth of military support in recent months. The U.S. passed a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine in May that included $26 billion in weapons and security funding.

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