Poll: Majority of the Unvaccinated Say They Will Not Get the Jab


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A quarter of Americans indicated that they either are not getting the vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, or they are not sure, and a majority of those who remain unvaccinated say they will not get the shot, a Yahoo! News/YouGov survey released this week found.

The survey, taken October 1-4, 2021, among 1,640 U.S. adults, asked respondents to describe their “personal situation” regarding coronavirus vaccines.

A majority, 64 percent, said they are fully vaccinated, while six percent said they are in the process of getting vaccinated and five percent said they are planning to get vaccinated. However, a quarter of Americans at least expressed hesitancy. Of those, 15 percent said they will not get vaccinated, and another ten percent said they are “not sure” about getting vaccinated.

The survey also asked the unvaccinated, specifically, if they plan to get the shot. Sixty percent said “no,” they do not plan to do so, and one quarter said they are “not sure.” Only 15 percent said “yes,” they plan to get the shot.

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