President Biden’s Approval Rating After 100 Days Is Third Worst Vs All Previous Presidents

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Although Americans award President Biden a 37% approval rating for how he has handled the immigration crisis at the border, he has a 52% overall approval after 100 days in office. This is the third worst showing of all prior Presidents rated.

And Biden gets this rating despite having been lauded in the mainstream press, handled with kid gloves and promoted as something he never has been politically.

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, was aggressively vilified by the press from the moment of his election, a stunning win over the presumptive heir apparent, Hillary Clinton. Through Trumps first 100 days, if the face of massive negative press, Trump had a 42% approval rating.

The next worst approval rating after 100 days in office goes to President Gerald Ford, who was given a 48% approval rating. Ford was not elected president. He was nominated by President Nixon after VP Spiro Agnew had to resign because of scandal. And then very early in his presidency, Ford pardoned Nixon to put the Watergate fiasco behind the country, which was a move not wildly embraced by the country.

Biden comes next at 52%, which looks favorable compared to Trump. But he’s 31 points weaker than John F. Kennedy; 35 points weaker than Harry Truman; 21 points weaker than Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ronald Reagan had a 73% approval rating at this stage of his presidency.

Still, the elite media desperately props up Biden as a stellar occupant of the White House.

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