President Trump: No Choice But To Run Again

One America News Network

The 45th president recently dropped hints about a potential White House bid in 2024. In an interview over the weekend, Donald Trump said it’s getting to a point where he has no choice but to run for president again.

Trump then took aim at Joe Biden by saying he’s an incompetent person as the leader of the country. While blasting the current administration, he pointed out that though they preach being inclusive, they are very “dividing and divisive.”
The 45th president also touched on the messy U.S. pullout from Afghanistan. He warned that “our country is far more susceptible to attack by outside terrorist groups than ever before.”

In a statement Monday, Trump says our enemies all over the world are inspired by what happened in Afghanistan and our nation is no longer respected after Biden’s “pathetic” and incompetent withdrawal. He asserted it will take a long time for the U.S. to gain it’s reputation back and pointed out the Taliban is now in a far better position than they were 20-years ago.

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