Prince Andrew served court papers in sex-assault lawsuit after attempts to avoid them

New York Post

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Prince Andrew has finally been served court papers over his sex accuser’s lawsuit — after his police guards and security were initially ordered not to accept them, according to court papers filed Friday.

Cesar Sepulveda filed an affidavit in the Manhattan federal lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre confirming that he had served the papers to Andrew at his Royal Lodge home at 9:30 a.m. Aug. 27.

He detailed how he had been repeatedly rebuffed in previous attempts to hand over the documents in which Queen Elizabeth II’s 61-year-old son is accused of first-degree rape tied to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring.

Sepulveda said the day before the papers were successfully served, he had been told to wait at Andrew’s main gates, where police officers — including Andrew’s head of security — repeatedly claimed they could not reach anyone inside.

The server said he was then told that “the security there had been instructed not to allow anyone attending there for the purpose of serving court papers onto the grounds of the property and at the time they had been told not to accept service of any court process.”

He was “also advised at that time that anything left there would not be forwarded” to the prince.

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