Pro-Abortion Protestors March Outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s House With Bloody Baby Dolls

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Radical left pro-abortion activists march outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s house while holding bloody baby dolls.

The pro-abortion radical left have gotten increasingly bold since the leak revealing an impending overturning of Roe V Wade.

Their protests outside of the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices Barret and Kavanaugh have gotten more and more grotesque and threatening in the past few weeks as well.

The group of protestors pictures above marched silently outside Justice Amy Coney Barret’s home carrying bloodied baby dolls in their hands, seemingly implying that they are aware of just what abortion is and are protesting for it in spite of that.

Justice Barret has seven children who do not benefit from being exposed to disturbing and grotesque protests.

However, given the threat against Justice Barret’s family, making her children uncomfortable may be part of the point of this foul display. Radical left pro-abortion groups have made threats against the children of Justice Amy Coney Barret, releasing the locations of the school and church which they attend to the public.

These groups have also targeted Justice Brett Kavanaugh with an attempted assassination, and they have wreaked havoc on pro-life clinics and churches across the nation.

Both in their peaceable and their non-peaceable actions pro-abortion protestors are performing increasingly more disturbing and vile stunts and demonstrations. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that protesting outside of the Justices’ homes is intimidation of the court, an inherently unlawful action which the White House, Senate Leader Schumer, and House Speaker Pelosi have encouraged while the Department of Justice does nothing about it.

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