RADICAL Dem Gov Gretchen Whitmer Refuses To Respond When Asked About Homeland Sec. Warning of Threats of Violence Against Pro-Life Citizens and Businesses [VIDEO]

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Even before Roe v. Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court, Michigan’s radical Democrat governor was fighting to find ways to skirt the law and keep abortion legal in her state, where a 1931 law prohibits abortion.

At a recent pro-abortion rally, Governor Whitmer promised to “fight like hell” against pro-life and encouraged everyone to to “keep showing up.” although she doesn’t define what “keep showing up,” means, the number of violent protests against innocent pro-life individuals, churches, pro-life pregnancy centers and law enforcement continues to ramp up across America.

Michigan Radio reports – In May, the Michigan Court of Claims granted a preliminary injunction in the suit, meaning the 1931 law will not go into effect until there is a decision in the lawsuit.

However, Right to Life of Michigan, the Michigan Catholic Conference, and two county prosecutors have asked the appeals court to throw out the injunction. Republican leaders in the state legislature have also filed a brief saying they would defend the law in court since Attorney General Dana Nessel has refused to.

On June 23, riots broke out across America after the US Supreme Court’s decision to return the decision of legalized abortion to the states. Leftist groups threatened violence against pro-life groups, churches, and individuals. Rioters attempted an insurrection at the AZ State Capitol building on the evening of June 23. Fortunately, their efforts were successfully thwarted by law enforcement.

Over the weekend, MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer appeared on ‘Face The Nation,’ where she was asked by the host if she is “concerned” about a Homeland Security warning that specifically mentions violence in Michigan by pro-abortion “domestic violent extremist” groups.

“How concerned are you about that?”  Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked.

The Democrat governor, who was part of a fake kidnapping plot, that many now believe was completely organized by the FBI, diverted her question, and instead began to speak about her concerns over “less health care” and the lack of gun control in America.

Hilariously, Michigan’s political hack governor cites her “concern” over “these very important institutions that are supposed to be above the politics of the day,” that “are now being corrupted.”

LOL!..says the most corrupt governor in America.

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