Radio Host Dean Obeidallah Claims ‘The GOP Is A White Supremacist, Fascist Movement That Has Rejected Democracy And Embraced Both Autocracy And Violence’

The Blaze

Dean Obeidallah, who hosts an eponymous radio program on SiriusXM called “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” is drawing a comparison between the GOP and Nazis.

“If you ever wondered what it felt like to live in 1930’s Germany, you’re getting a sense of it today. The GOP is a white supremacist, fascist movement that has rejected democracy and embraced both autocracy and violence. Today’s GOP is how democracies die,” Obeidallah tweeted.

“Reading Winston Churchill’s book ‘The Gathering Storm’ about the rise of Nazi Germany. As he notes there were numerous times the world could’ve stopped the rise of the Nazis but instead simply hoped for the best. History is SCREAMING at us we can’t hope for the best with this GOP,” he wrote in another tweet.

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