Really Freaky! Joe Biden In Hostage Type Video – BLINK! [VIDEO]


President Joe Biden is almost pretty much out of the woods when it comes to recovering from COVID-19, or so we’re told. His symptoms are nearly “resolved,” though it’s worth reminding time and time again that the White House refuses to make Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, directly available to the American people, instead insisting that letters will have to do.

The president has continued working throughout his diagnosis, which includes talking to the press and partaking in several video messages. A recent one truly has people talking, though. Not only does the president like and sound really tired and ragged, he doesn’t blink once throughout the whole message, which may be the most hostage-like video the White House has released.

Seriously, it’s painful to watch. Our friends at Twitchy highlighted some of the best reactions, while also asking if this was “a test of Disney’s new animatronic Biden” for the Hall of Presidents.

The video in question, which is 17 seconds long, features the president in a croaky, hoarse voice claiming that “you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-cop, you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-democracy, you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-American.” He goes on to attack his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who may very well run again in 2024, by charging “Donald Trump lacked the courage to act,” and adds that “the brave women and men in blue all across this nation should never forget that.”

Such a message serves to relitigate the events of January 6, though Americans are far more concerned about everyday kitchen table issues as the midterms quickly approach, now just over three months away.

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