Redditor seeks to ‘punish’ rural Christians over Roe: Let ’em see a community ‘truly burned to the ground’

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Some random social media user is facing incredible amounts of mockery and derision for posting a screed calling for pro-abortion extremists to terrorize rural towns.

Posted to the social media site Reddit, which is a hotbed of left-wing insanity, the screed contains a plethora of stunningly naïve assumptions about rural denizens.

For instance, the writer of screed sincerely believes that just because rural towns contain few cops, rural citizens are “defenseless” from violence.

This, of course, is not how it works.

View a screenshot of the since-deleted screed below:

Not only has the post been deleted, but so has the user account that posted it.

“The radical Christians are found in the rural areas. Their towns are defenseless, they have almost no cops and their firemen are volunteers. They have to borrow cops and firemen from neighboring jurisdictions miles away in order to handle anything big. And they think they’re safe out there. Forget burning cities, cities are on our sides. It’s time for rural areas to feel the heat,” the lengthy screed begins.

This part in particularly triggered massive guffaws because rural Americans are the most well-armed citizens in the entire country. And unlike their urban counterparts, they know how to hunt in the deep woods.

The screed/rant continues by calling for pro-abortion extremists to show up “100 deep in every rural town in a 50 mile radius intent on revolution.”

“[Y]ou’ll crash their system and make them pay,” the writer claims.

“And if you all think I’m kidding, I’m dead serious. This was caused by backward ass rural conservatives operating out of a Christianized worldview (even if theyre not Christian, they’re heavily influenced by it), they were the ones who voted for Trump in ’16; those disillusioned redneck/white trash/blue collar (to quote a country song) types who flipped massively for the GOP,” the screed reads.

“Punish them. Punish their towns. They say ‘BLM burned the cities to the ground,’ I say let them see firsthand what it’s like when a community is truly burned to the ground. They want a civil war? They should have been careful what they asked and voted for.’”

But Americans in fact did already see cities burn to the ground when big city cops sat back as Black Lives Matter extremists laid siege to their towns two years ago.

The extremists didn’t face real pushback until they tried doing the same in Kenosha, a small community where locals like Kyle Rittenhouse showed up armed and ready to protect local businesses and residents from any and all threats.

The Reddit screed concludes with the writer admitting that they’re “not the organizing type” but then expressing hope that “someone who is” of the organizing type “can organize” an attack on rural communities.

“I’m not the organizing type. But maybe someone who is can organize that. Start in a certain state in the Midwest often called ‘the south’s middle finger to America.’ It’s literally what the south would’ve looked like if it wasn’t reconstructed,” it reads.

Rural denizens were left extremely unimpressed by the screed, as evidenced by all the mockery that ensued.



The Reddit post reminded some of a hilarious video posted by left-wing extremists back in 2017 showing them teaching themselves alleged self-defense techniques in preparation for their war against alleged fascists.

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