Refugee Who Escaped Sex Slavery In North Korea Sounds Alarm Over What Leftists Are Doing The In U.S.

The Daily Wire

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Yeonmi Park, a 27-year-old who escaped sex slavery in North Korea, is warning that leftist professors inside America’s top academic universities are indoctrinating students with extreme ideologies that remind her of North Korea.

“I fell in love with this country; this is such a wonderful country. I never been accepted more than this country was,” Park told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “And at Columbia University, literally every professor was saying that, you know, the problems that we have on today’s world is because of white men, how they colonize Africa… that’s how they mess up everything. And they are the one who needs to be blamed.”

“And I couldn’t believe that, am I sitting in North Korea’s classroom or in America?” she continued. “Actually, I couldn’t believe why people are hating their own people that much.”

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Park said. “I literally sold as a sexual slave and I literally crossed the Gobi Desert to be free. And now I thought I landed in a country where I can say what I believe and have my, you know, freedom to think. However, now I live in a country I have to constantly censor my speech because now in the name of safe place, Columbia told us what we cannot talk about. And I am so concerned like, if America is not free, I think there’s no place else is left that is free. And I think that’s why it’s really alarming to me.”

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