Relatives Of American Hostages, Detainees Held in Foreign Countries Press President Biden to ‘Bring Our Fellow Americans Home’

The Blaze

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The relatives of 26 American hostages and detainees being held in countries around the globe have signed a letter to President Joe Biden in which they question the administration’s dedication to bringing their family members home, according to the Associated Press.

The letter, obtained by the outlet, said that the administration appeared to be getting “bogged down in burdensome processes or policy debates that keep our loved ones from coming home and keep us uninformed of what you can and cannot do to help us.”

“We need to be shown that the promises of your administration to prioritize the return of our family members are not empty. Now is the time for action. Now we need you to bring our fellow Americans home,” the letter declared, according to the AP.

The letter says that in some instances the families feel like they are in a “worse” situation currently than they were eight months ago.

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