Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Biden ‘Utterly Incompetent’ – Ric Grenell Fumes About Deputy Sec. of State’s Briefing [VIDEO]


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Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the U.S. troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Crenshaw described Biden as “utterly incompetent” in how he handled Afghanistan, which he said is the opposite of the previous president, Donald Trump. He added that the “State Department really botched this” and the “Secretary of State owes the American people a lot of explanations.”

“How Biden did this is so utterly incompetent, and my office has been in touch with sources who are very close to the operation. And this is a State Department-led operation. OK? The State Department overruled DoD. When DoD wanted to make Bagram the last place where we would have troops — the State Department overruled them. It was a foolish mistake because Bagram can hold a lot more aircraft, for instance, than Kabul,” Crenshaw advised.

“They didn’t like how it would look to abandon Kabul before Bagram,” he said when asked why it was handled that way. “And here’s another thing the State Department never did: They never even built a contingency plan to take people out of the embassy. They were planning on just staying even though conditions on the ground were getting worse and worse. … By Saturday they had no plans to leave. This is what we’re hearing from insiders. The Secretary of State owes the American people a lot of explanations for this. Of course, the buck stops with Biden. Biden made all of these decisions, and it’s reprehensible, but the State Department really botched this.”

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