REPORT: Democrat Women Power Players Have Meeting In DC To ‘Discuss’ Kamala Harris

The Gateway Pundit

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Kamala Harris is a disaster as vice president. Her poll numbers are awful and every time she opens her mouth she says something that damages her even further.

Democrats can see this and there is growing concern.

A group of powerful women in the Democrat party have just had a meeting to discuss Kamala Harris, and that can’t be good news for her.

Breitbart News reports:

Democrat Women Gather in D.C. to Discuss Kamala Harris Media Crisis

A group of Democrat women political strategists gathered in July for a dinner in Washington, DC, to discuss Vice President Kamala Harris’s media “crisis,” according to a report.

Axios reports that former adviser to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kiki McLean, hosted the dinner with former DNC officials Donna Brazile and Leah Daughtry; former Barack Obama spokesperson and Joe Biden adviser Stephanie Cutter; former Hillary Clinton spokeswomen and Democratic strategists Adrienne Elrod and Karen Finney; and former Obama communications director Jennifer Palmieri, who also worked for Hillary Clinton’s second failed presidential campaign….

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