Report: Jen Psaki being ‘feverishly courted’ by both CNN and MSNBC to host her own cable news show


So, will Jen Psaki end up at CNN or MSNBC? CNN has made some really dubious hires recently — namely Rex Chapman and Jemele Hill — so picking up Psaki wouldn’t be out of order. MSNBC has more viewers, though, thanks almost exclusively to Rachel Maddow.

Mediaite reports that Psaki is being “feverishly courted” by both cable networks to host her own cable news show.Mediaite reports:

Dylan Byers, a founding partner and senior correspondent at Puck, reported on Wednesday that Psaki, who is expected to leave the White House this year, is being “feverishly courted” by both CNN and MSNBC.

Byers explained why media executives hope Psaki may be the golden ticket to better ratings, noting, “Psaki has achieved veritable celebrity status for her daily press briefings, which have restored sanity and professionalism to the office and earned her the adoration of the mainstream media, as well as a fervent following online.”

“She is a political celebrity, with the combination of West Wing bona fides and telegenic charm,” Byers adds, flattering the White House press secretary. “Psaki wants to be on TV, to be sure, but the industry needs her even more,” he concludes.

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