Report: Joe Manchin Resumes Negotiations on Build Back Better


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has reportedly resumed negotiations with the White House on President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda after essentially torpedoing it before the Christmas break.

According to Axios, sources confirmed that the senator has reportedly engaged with the White House “on the climate and child care provisions” in the president’s signature piece of legislation “if the White House removes the enhanced child tax credit from the $1.75 trillion package — or dramatically lowers the income caps for eligible families.”

Sen. Manchin has not publicly confirmed whether or not he has resumed negotiations with the president.

Sources familiar with the situation said that many of his objections to the bill still stand, including the “size and scope” of the package, the possible $4 trillion price tag over the next ten years, and the potential for raised inflation.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its next Consumer Price Index on Jan. 12. Last month’s reading put inflation at 6.8% for the year — fueling Manchin’s opposition,” noted Axios.

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