Report: Michigan Nursing Homes Undercounted COVID-19 Deaths By 42%

Daily Caller

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Nursing homes in Michigan undercounted the number of their residents who died of COVID-19 between the beginning of the pandemic and July 2021 by more than 40%, according to a report issued by the state’s Auditor General.
Michigan nursing homes self-reported to the state Department of Health and Human Services 5,675 resident deaths due to COVID-19 during the first year-and-a-half of the pandemic, according to the report, which was reviewed by the Daily Caller ahead of its Monday release. However, the Office of the Auditor General identified an additional 2,386 nursing home and long-term care facility residents who died of the virus between those dates. The report was compiled at the request of state Rep. Steven Johnson, who described the Auditor General’s findings as “very troubling.”

“Instead of taking accountability for their actions, [the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services] is making a lot of excuses, they’re trying to shift blame away from themselves, they’re really just trying anything they can except take accountability for their own actions, and that’s really sad to see here. It’s a shameful act that occurred, and they’re doubling down on it instead of just owning up to their mistakes,” Johnson said in a statement.

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