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Republicans have won massive victories across all statewide races in Pennsylvania, according to the state’s election results, sweeping the state’s judicial elections.

In Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court race, conservatives held onto retiring Republican Justice Thomas Saylor’s seat. Republican Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson defeated Democrat Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin by more than 100,000 votes, a massive judicial victory. However, Democrats still outnumber Republicans in the state’s highest court 5-2.

In Pennsylvania’s Superior Court Judge election, Republican Megan Sullivan defeated Democrat Lane Timika by nearly 300,000 votes, or 56 percent to 44 percent.

Pennsylvanians also voted in roughly a 2 to 1 margin to retain both Republican Superior Court Judges John Bender and Mary Bowes, and Republican Commonwealth Court Judges Anne Covey and Renee Jubelirer.

Republicans Stacy Wallace and Drew Crompton were also elected as Judges of the Commonwealth Court.

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